For the Love of Shoes

High heeled.

Low heeled.

Boots or sneakers.

When it’s rainy, feet stay dry.

On the floor, in the closet,

Hanging behind a door.

Black and brown

And some are tan.

Some are plain

And some are patterned.

They make or break an outfit.

Wear them to work

And wear them to run.

Wear them everyday.

And when they wear out

It is so sad.

Replace them with another pair.

For my first Favorite Things post, I wrote a poem about shoes. Why? Because shoes are one of my all time favorite things! Retail therapy is real, my friends. A few months back DSW was having a sale and I had a $10 off certificate. So I decided to buy a new pair of flats for work. I already owned a pair in a different color, but they were so comfortable (& cute!) I decided to buy another. I texted my friend telling her I wasn’t sure how getting a good deal on a nice pair of shoes could make someone so happy. But it did! Pure happiness.Aldo Flats

It’s hard for me to find comfortable shoes these days. After my transplant, I developed neuropathy in my feet. On top of that, they swelled to the point where I couldn’t wear shoes at all. After I was discharged in October 2016, I wore slippers, even in public, for a at least 3-4 months. You know how they say after your feet swell from pregnancy, they’re never the same?  Well, it’s true! …except I wasn’t pregnant. When all the swelling had gone down, my shoe size had gone from a size 7 to a size 7.5/8 and my feet were very sensitive. They still are very sensitive. Don’t touch my feet!

When I was bored, recovering in the hospital, one day last year I went on a small online shopping spree and bought a few pairs of booties for fall. Hey, I needed a pick me up! Almost all of those shoes were donated, unworn, because I couldn’t fit into them anymore. I’m imagining them now, turning someone else into a shoe addict! I now am very cautious about what shoes I buy and where I buy them. I need to make sure they’re comfortable and fit well…You’d think I would have done that before, but as a certified shoe addict I was more concerned with looks & a good price than quality & comfort.

Frye Boots
Last week my mom went with me to a Frye Company store. I had some birthday money and she also wanted to treat me to a “you’ve made it to this point” gift. So together, we purchased my first ever pair of Frye boots. They’ll last a lifetime & I am in shoe love. Comfort, quality & looks! Can’t beat that. The first day of October is here and the weather is cooling down, it is finally time to pull out the boots!

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Shoes

  1. I can attest to that, I found out when we dropped her off at college for the first time. She had 2-3 suitcases filled with shoes. At least 100 pairs but that is conservative. “But dad they are cheap.”


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